The “1001 Miglia”

The 1001 Miles is the longest and most extreme bicycle randonée of the old continent. Crossing the Padana plain, bordering the Po river, crossing the ToscoEmiliano apennines, reaching the Bolsena Lake. Coming back again in Tuscany until Siena, then the path touches the 5 Lands of the Ligurian Sea, to go again towards the plain towards Castellania (place of birth of Fausto Coppi), flanking Navigli in the last stage before returning to Nerviano , the starting point and the final destinantion of the event.

Growth in History

The 1001 Miles, invented by Fermo Rigamonti, was born in 2006 by the will and desire to create a cycling event that crosses the most beautiful Country, engaging cyclists in a great physical effort but paying them back with the discovery of natural beauties, peculiarities and unique architectures of the world.
Over the course of a decade, 5 editions have been organized; The 1001 Miglia grew exponentially, gaining international reputation and prestige, registering in the last edition (2016) a peak of about 500 cyclists coming from 37 Nations representing the 5 Continents.
The internationality of the event emerges even more from the presence of a large number of foreign cyclists, with a ratio of 3 to 1 against Italian cyclists.
The distinctive element of the 1001 Miles – which attracts the interest of randoneès riders from all over the world – consists to add value to the secondary roads, the Italian tourist heritage and the immense enogastronomic heritage that the beautiful country offers.


Our Team

The first edition of the 1001 Miglia Italia was born with a family-run organization, involving the whole family of the creator Fermo Rigamonti.
Due to the success and growth potential of the event, the association called “ASD 1001 MI” was founded, involving new members with different skills and capabilities; the objective is to promote, coordinate and enlarge the event for each subsequent edition.
Today, the 1001 Miles use the support and patronage of 7 Regions, 23 Provinces and 143 Municipalities.
For each edition, 17 Stages Committees are also defined, which have the task of supervising the 17 checkpoints on the route, welcoming and giving support to all cyclists.
Co-operation between the presented realities means that every cyclist can fully enjoy a unique sports and cultural experience.

Fermo Rigamonti

Ideator and organizer

Renato Guarnieri

Coordinator and management route

Giorgio Rigamonti

Media Manager and Foreign cycling assistance

Stefano Morelli

Organizer and Public Relations

Silvia Rigamonti


Serena Rigamonti