Total Cyclist  – 700 max (650 + 50 Ebike)

Next 1001Miglia Italia 2020 introduced for the first time,  the possibility for the cylists  to pre-register from 15 October 2019 until 20 December 2019 –  only through the website
The pre-registration will guarantee to the cyclist the possibility of registering to the event with a  special price of € 220.00 in total – divided into € 10 (Pre-registration) + € 210 (Registration reserved for pre-registered to be carried out by 20 January 2020) .
All other interested cyclists and pre-registered riders who have not finalized payment on the dates reserved for them, will be able to register definitively from 21 January 2020 until 30 May 2020, with two different price ranges linked to the registration deadline.





15 oct- 20 dec 2019

10 jan-20 jan 2020

21 jan -28 fev 2020

01 mar – 30 may 2020


Open to all the cyclists


10 €/euro

Reserved to the pre registred cyclist


210 €/euro

Open to all the cyclists


250 €/euro

Open to all the cyclists


300 €/euro

Pre registration
Max 700 Cyclists admitted (50 of which with E-bikes)
Open from October 15th until December 15th 2020
Only through the website
Prices 10,00 euros – Payment via with PayPal (Not refundable)
Fill in the complete form with all the requested details and infos
You will receive via email, from the staff 1001 Miglia Italia, the confirm of your registration

Final registration, period reserved to the PreRegistred
From 10 January 2020 till 20 January 2020 – Fee 210,00 €

! ATTENTION ! If the prerigestred cyclist will not pay the total fee of 210,00  before the 20 January 2020,he will loose the reserved place for the event and will not be refund of the preregistration fee.

 Final registration, open to all the cyclist
From 21 January 2020 until 28 February 2020 FEE 250,00 € – Till achieve the max of 700 cyclists admitted max
From 01 March 2020 0 until the achievement of max of 700 cyclists admitted FEE 300,00 €
You will receive from the 1001 Miglia Italia Staff, confirmation of your registration via email and the user name and password that you must keep to update your details, share the requested documentation and receive details from the organization

Documentation to be produced and sent to the 1001MI staff by 30 June 2020
1) Copy of a personal ID CARD OR  if owned a Copy of MEMRBERSHIP CARD released by an organization recognized by the UCI (Union Cyclist International)
2)  Personal Insurance, valid during the event period (minimum from 10 August till 25 August)
3) competitive MEDICAL SPORTS CERTIFICATE issued by a Sports Physician, for the cycling practice of a non-competitive endurance test with significant and high cardiovascular commitment issued after 01 – JANUARY – 2020, certifying that you are physically fit to cover the distance without risks and contraindications for your health.
(FITNESS CERTIFICATION prepared according to a specific model (see Annexes E) completed in Italian or English or French)