Matassino Reggello / Scarperia

Challenging stage. It starts with a challenging climb that ends at Vallombrosa, you will pass through the forest where a pleasant silence reigns and allows the cyclist to recover the energy spent during the previous climb. The places you meet are very suggestive and breathtaking, whether you are riding during the day or night time. These centuries-old forests, where the bicycle is the queen of the road, were crossed by Saint Francis of Assisi to meditate. Going down along the Sieve river and crossing its valley, you will meet the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, then you will pass in front of the Mugello circuit - a place of maximum excellence for motor racing - From here you reach Scarperia, checkpoint and end of the stage.

Difficulty ⭐⭐⭐
Total distance: 78 km
Difference: 1555 m


Total distance: 78.56 km